• open panel
Gestalt and organisational development:
The power of Emergence and Relationality

With Marie-Anne Chidiac and Sally Denham-Vaughan
5th of June

There are many diverse paths and approaches that support organisations to develop. However, most still rely on mechanistic assumptions about the nature of business and people but do not adequately address the uncertainty and dynamism of today’s complex change situations. In the field of OD (Organisational Development) we believe that Gestalt can offer a unique methodology that harnesses the power of emergence and supports organisations to flourish.

This one day workshop with the co-founders of Relational Change will introduce you to core principles behind our relational organizational gestalt, (ROG), approach and explain why we believe this positions Gestalt practitioners at the leading edge of contemporary OD.

Who can attend?
This day is open to all and does not require pre-knowledge of the Gestalt approach.

Dr Marie-Anne Chidiac
Marie-Anne is an experienced change and OD consultant, coach, trainer and supervisor. She has over twenty years’ experience of leading change in both the public and private sector. She is co-founder of Relational Change and an accredited coach and associate of Ashridge Business School. Marie-Anne is also the author of Relational Organisational Gestalt: An Emergent Approach to Organisational Development.

Dr Sally Denham-Vaughan
Sally is an Organisational Consultant, Accredited Coach/Coach Supervisor, International Trainer, Psychotherapist and Supervisor. She has a background in Psychology with over 25 years experience in leadership positions in the NHS in the UK. Recently her consulting work has focused on culture change with global organisations committed to ethical, ecological and sustainable developments. She also works as an executive coach with CEO and Board members of purpose driven organisations.

If you want to know more about Relational change, please take a look at their website, http://www.relationalchange.org/

Date: 5th of June, (9.30 - 17.00)

Venue: Klustret, Birger Jarlsgatan 58
Cost: 3 000 SEK (VAT included) for workshop and lunch
Last day to register: 5th of May

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK, please contact helena@relationalchange.org
Registration is binding

Dr Marie-Anne Chidiac

Dr Sally Denham-Vaughan

In this in-depth interview, Marie-Anne talks about her recent book Relational Organisational Gestalt, and how a relational approach differs from most other mainstream organisational development methodologies. 26 minutes.

This workshop is a collaboration between Relational Change, GestaltPraktiserende i Organisasjoner and the Gestalt Academy.

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